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every day


One ride
*Children from 3
to 12y. - 10 BGN.
*Children over 12y. and adults
15 BGN.



mountain amusement park
offering extreme, funny and
safe ride with alpine coaster. The cart is
two-seater, similar to a sled and moves on a
pipe rails located on a hill. It has a regulated speed
that prevents the rider from passing over 40 km/h.
The driver has the ability to control the speed with
the breaking system.

RILA Fun Park has a total length of 1400m, of which 1000m are with
freely controlled ride. The Park is located near the town of Belitsa,
in „Dedovo” locality, 1,5 km away from The Dancing bears park. It is situated at an altitude of 1200 to 1 345 m. You are welcome in the park of 12 km away from the town of Belitsa, 180 km from Sofia, 152 km from Plovdiv and 84 km from Blagoevgrad.

The facility is suitable for children over the age of 3, and children between 3 and 8 can only use it with an adult escort only. Children older than 8 (at least 1,35m height)
may ride alone.

RILA Fun Park is open every day from 10.00h. till 18.00h., as well as
the colder months. Then the carts have special covers.

The price of one ride is 10 BGN for children from
3 to 12 years old and 15 BGN for children
over 12 years old and adults.

The park
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Contact us: 0878 901 365 / 0887 478 845 / 0878 104 410


The town of Belitsa | 1.5km from the Dancing bears park | GPS: Lat. 42.021995, Lon. 23.578458

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